CLASP Document Repository Guidelines and Etiquette

  • These documents are provided as examples. Summary statements are provided to simplify the lists and do NOT constitute endorsements. These examples do not replace due diligence nor do they constitute legal advice.

  • Anyone may view the documents and adapt them to their own purposes.
  • If you copy or adapt a document, please notify the author or representative of that institution. This is a courtesy and also validates that person's efforts in producing the document.

  • Any member of CLASP may request an account with this wiki.
  • Any wiki account holder may edit any page of the wiki.
  • Note that you don't need an account unless you plan to make changes!

  • If your institution is missing or outdated, please edit the link or send it to the page curator.
  • When adding or updating a document link, please note the date changed in parentheses.