Grant Close-out Procedures

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Kathryn Bowles, Centre College

Best Practices

The following document was created after reviewing the close-out procedures for nine higher educational institutions. Most of these were larger public institutions because I found few examples of close-out procedures specific to private liberal arts colleges. The document below reflects the common themes I found in the close-out procedures, and I added some commentary where I thought some explanation would be helpful. I hope this document is helpful as you and your colleagues create close-out procedures for your institution.

Models & Examples

Here is a list of the sites that I reviewed to make this document.

College of Charleston
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Georgia College
Grand Valley State University
San Francisco State University
Smith College
University of California-Berkley
University of South Carolina
Wayne State University

All CLASP procedures collected on this topic

Collected from October 2011 survey.

Smith College MA, Northampton